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The general population is looking for functional fitness that is more than just looking good (losing weight) but will also help them have more energy, hurt less (arthritis, joint pain, physical dysfunction, etc) and be less at risk for diseases that are associated with inactivity. Kettlebell training at Fitness XT does all of this and more! It builds skills for "life" as well as health/fitness. Now in two locations:
Big Rapids
& Grand Rapids!!

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  Purchase your Own Kettlebell 
                Purchase other Equipment like Kettlebell shoes, Sandbags,
                                                        TRX or other Cross Fit Equipment. 


We are the Strength Coach to Ferris State University Ladies Basketball & Volleyball Teams!  Click here if you would like more information on how to bring Kettlebell Cross-Conditioning into your facility!  We are also the Trainer of the Trainers...

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Here's your opportunity to experience a Killer Combo of the RIGHT kind of Diet & Exercise to get you Outa' that Gym Rut and into The Lean, Mean Body you know is hiding inside of you!! 

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The Diet Doc of West MI

Lifestyle/Nutrition Program - for the General Population

             The Diet Doc - Corporate Rate Program

Sports Nutrition & Performance - For Athletes
Kettlebells for Athlete's: - MX Strength Training

    Group Kettlebell Classes

    Personal Training - In Studio or Online

    Corrective Analysis & Excercise for Pain

    Training for GS Kettlebell Competition


    Adventure Team Training

    Physique Team Training

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Grand Rapids Location




Our Newest Location...Offering AWESOME Trial Membership Deals!


Big Rapids Location



Big Rapids is where it all started at!! March 2007 launched a NEW Generation of Fitness for anyone wanting BETTER results in LESS time!

Certified XT Trainers



All of our trainers have been through an extensive certification process where they are required to study, perform and learn how to teach the exercises in a safe & effective manner. You are in good hands at FitnessXT!