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Your health is something that many of us take for granted. Your weight may or may not be ideal, but other factors such as inflammation may be affecting your quality of Life and/or ability for your doctor to properly treat you.

In fact, your doctor may have sent you here so you can assist them in making sure you get the best options for treatment & results from their care.


What is the reality?

Every system of our bodies are affected when we are not paying close enough attention. After time, symptoms such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol - heart disease, diabetes, glaucoma, arthritis, digestive problems, depression, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances & more can signal the need for intervention.

What are your options?

It's not your fault! You may be trying to eat the right foods but are not making progress.

You may be searching for the solution or wondering if it's even realistic to feel good again?

I'm here to tell you that YES, it absolutely is!

~ but the reality is that we all need support. By claiming your Free Consultation above, we can get you started on a healthier path right NOW!

About Fitnessxt Health Solutions LLC

L kayden Gray Nutritionist

I believe in Simplicity!

For the past 15 years I've spent my career dedicated to passionately serving individuals, doctors & health professionals World wide as a Holistic Life Coach, Owner of 2 exercise & Kinesiology facilities & an expert in the field of Nutrition. I personally will provide you customizable options for better Nutrition, renewed energy & a step by step path to your best Health & Quality of Life!

In our initial consultation I will take the time to get to know more about you, so you can be pro-active in your own care.

What these Happy Clients are Saying

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“Thank you!!!!

You have given me the confidence to do anything I want again. I just completed my 1st marathon at age 51 and everything I've learned from your natural approach to nutrition has contributed to my Health and made this possible ... Unlike other diets, the EASY Nutrition was something that I could fit into my Lifestyle!"

- Cheryl Kondziolka ( Big Rapids, MI )

"I needed to regain my bone health & gain weight so I could become eligible for dental implants as I had gone over 8 months without a bottom denture & I dropped to 97 lbs. I lost strength & my health was compromised due to lack of Nutrition, until I was referred to Liberty by my Dentist.  Together we came up with a plan that was easier than I imagined & 6 months later I was finally fitted with my upper/lower implants, have regained my strength, confidence & my quality of Life! "

- Angela Thompson ( Grand Rapids, MI ) Tel: 231-679-0252 Big Rapids/Grand Rapids, MI